When creating your first campaign in orderz.pro, you may have questions. We agree it's not always possible to set everything up perfectly and quickly the first time. But it's not all that sad: the technical setup is done only once, and subsequent launches of campaigns take just a couple of clicks.

How do you figure it out in the beginning when you don't understand anything?

1. Watch video tutorials on our YouTube channel

2. Read documentation. It is available here or in the top right corner of the service (question mark).

3. Read our blog. There we collect Q&A, which most often come to our support.

4. Check out posts on vk and telegram channel. In social networks we regularly announce updates, talk about all the features orders and answer questions. So we advise you to subscribe, so as not to miss anything. 

5. Write to support. We will help you, of course! If you can not figure it out on your own, knock-in telegram support (@sup_orderzpro), we'll figure it out together.