There are two types of people 👨💻 Those are the ones who pour on the link offerers and those who pour on the API. What's the best way to do it?

We recommend pouring traffic by API because:

✅ All information about leads is saved, you can control it

✅ You are protected from bugs and possible problems, for example, if the API does not open the domain. Another example: if an affiliate turns on a shave, this is easy to track in the case of API leads

✅ It is possible to edit feeds and creatives: change buttons, forms, images, etc. This feature allows you to make your RC unique as much as possible, which almost all RCs lack

✅ Split traffic, re-direct leads to different networks

As before, you can pour traffic to orderers and reference providers, everyone chooses for himself. The main thing is to have a profit 😉