Today we tell you 6 rules for beginners, which will help to increase the uniqueness of Websites:

1. It's better to own than the template.

It will be many times easier to pass moderation with original witepages. If you can not buy a custom white, then improve the one that is.

2. Remove harmful scripts.

Often there are malicious scripts in the feeds, which should be removed from the code. If you don't know the code, automatically remove common scripts with a grabber (enable cleaning of "harmful" js scripts).

3. Replace images.

FB algorithms analyze images for similarity. So if the same images of celebrities, products and even design elements are often repeated, the white will raise suspicion.

4. Add unique elements.

The more original content (text, videos, comments, forms), the less suspicious the page.

5. Do not violate the rules of traffic sources.

Closely monitor the text and pictures from the feed, as they can violate the rules. Even white offers fall under the ban if the algorithms see the forbidden elements.

6. Add the original privacy policy on the whitepage, don't copy from the internet.

It's better to spend some time double-check and correct everything for your needs than to lose a fresh account and create a new one.