1. Why do I need to confirm my Telegram?

Your login is needed so that you can contact support and we can be sure that it is really you. With a verified login you can quickly restore access to your account, connect a bot, and quickly get help with any questions. We store information in encrypted form and do not disclose it to third parties.


2. If you delete a bundle from a campaign or a node (domain) as a whole, what will happen to statistics?

If you delete a domain, the node is deleted along with it, while the statistics will be available only for the remaining domains. If you delete bindings from the campaign, their stats will also be deleted.


3. may I use my "thank you" page?

At the moment, the "thank you" page is automatically connected to the feed and is available to all geos in the same format.


4. Do I need any other accounts to work with orderz?

To set up a campaign completely from scratch, you need to have accounts at NameCheap (with a balance of at least $50), CloudFlare and DigitalOcean + PP accounts, if you pour on affiliate links.


5. is orderz.pro a cloud service or do you need to install it on your server?

ORDERZ.PRO is a hybrid system. Your traffic is served on your server, so only you have access to all the information. This is done to secure the data and avoid crashes, regardless of the service and other masters.