Not everyone knows this, but we have a bot that instantly sends notifications of leads and postbacks to you on telegram. It helps you keep your campaigns under control 24/7.

Today we're going to break down how to connect it and set it up:

1. Go to Settings (the gear icon in the top right corner).
2. Click on the link highlighted in blue. A dialogue will open, send there a message with the text /start
3. Now refresh the page (Ctrl + F5).
4. If everything is done correctly, the integration key will appear in the window.
5. After that you can configure the bot. Choose the desired notifications: get lead and get postback. Save again.

It is ready!

If you want to disable the notifications for a while, you can do this under the box with the key.

By default, the bot is bound to the telegram that was specified during registration. To change it, remove the integration key and repeat all steps with a new login.

Write to us, what other notifications from the bot you would like to receive?