Hello! Today we will tell you about the most common errors:
1. Error during registration/no access to orderz functions.
Problems during registration can occur if you have a VPN enabled. Disable it during registration and the problem will be solved. After logging in you can continue to use VPN and it won't affect orderz in any way. The second possible reason is incorrect e-mail. After registering we will send an email with registration confirmation. This is necessary to protect the account, which is why access to the service is restricted until the email address is confirmed.
2. Error on adding a bindings.
A bundle with API consists of an offerer, pre-rendering and rendering. There is an error if any element is missing. So, you need to select at least one offer, landing and prelanding (or select the "no prelanding" option). If your bundle works with links then prelanding is optional.
3. no "create node" button.
Initially this button is hidden and appears after you create the first binding in the campaign. The ability to create a node will appear after you create at least one binding.
4. Why can't I get SSL certificate?
There are 3 most common reasons:
- Not enough time has passed. Just wait, because domain registration can take from 5 minutes to 72 hours.
- The server is not pinging. Check if it exists.
- Check if the IP is correct. If there is an error here, the system has failed to add modules and connect to it and the domain has been attached to a non-functional server.
5. I didn't get a confirmation email.
The email may have gone to spam. Check this folder in your email. If it is not in your spam folder, try to request it again to get a confirmation email. If the letter did not come or you forgot the address you used to create your account, contact our support team, we will help you to restore access.


If you have any questions, you can contact our support @sup_orderzpro in Telegram. We'll tell you how to connect the necessary resources and help you solve any problems.