We continue our column with answers from the helpdesk, which collected the most interesting questions about CLOs, Lends, Wytes, and split-test setup. So, our top 5:

Does the service have a CLO? How do you set it up?
Yes, the service has a powerful CLO. Ours is called the "Traffic Filtering System." The CLO checks proxy, VPN, and geo databases, including IPv6. As in any decent CLO, we show the whitepage to bots, moderators and visitors from non-target GEO, and real customers - the real landing page. The cost of CLOs is included in the cost of our subscription. The entire setup takes place in two steps. First, when you create a campaign, you choose which filters to use. Then, when you create a node (this is inside the campaign), you set the redirect type: 302 (external redirect by URL) or autoR (local site, here you can choose any of the previously uploaded weights from the grabber). You can also enable forced wight, then any visitors will go only to it.
With what settings should I load the lend in the grabber, so that all the elements and transitions work correctly on it?
To keep all scripts running, select "Yes" under "Run JS on the landing?" when loading the landing, then all scripts will be saved in their original form. Since all lends are different, try different combinations of settings to get the best results. Please note that if you disable the cleaning of unnecessary scripts, you may leave harmful scripts (metrics, pixels) on the landing page. This can significantly affect the performance of campaigns, so we do not recommend disabling this option when loading.
Whitepage: how to upload?
Whitepage can be added in the Resources section in two ways: download the archive or add by link. The first method causes an error if:
- an incorrect archive type is uploaded (only .zip archives are suitable)
- the template code has an unsuitable extension (for example, .php. Only .html is supported)
- file index.html has a different name and is not in the root directory.
Problems downloading from a link can occur if the wythe has a lot of malicious scripts that break the contents of the page. When you download the whitepages, we automatically remove the harmful scripts, there is no need to clean the code manually. But if there is still something left, then write to our support.
If you follow all the requirements for downloading, the probability of errors is minimized, and the time of work with whitespace is maximally reduced.
What types of whitepages should I use with Orderz filtering system?
We do not have any specific requirements regarding the content of the weights, but we recommend that they should be as unique as possible in order to not make the Facebook algorithms unnecessarily curious and addictive. You can edit uploaded feeds in our editor or create your own from scratch.
How do I set up split-testing of my landing pages?
In the campaign menu, click on the "Add Bindings" button and select the prelends and ribbons you want to split. All possible combinations will be generated automatically, and you will only need to specify the weight of each bundle. At the moment the graph shows the total statistics for all bindings, the statistics for each bundle is shown in the table.
If you still have questions on these topics, please contact our support team @sup_orderzpro, he will help you figure it out!