We have exciting news🔥
We have developed 5 updates for you that make it easier to work with orderz.pro:

  1. Force the user to go to a white page. You can enable or disable this feature at any time in the site settings without interrupting the advertising campaign. 100% of visitors will go to the white page.
  2. Disabled js normalizer in the node, which broke some functionality on landing pages. In the future, we plan to make it possible to enable or disable js-normalizer.
  3. +10 new affiliate programs. We have integrated more than 10 affiliate networks, so finding your favorite PPs and offers through orderz.pro is faster.
  4. Added the ability to view the lead log when working with micronodes.
  5. Updated Lead Sending Server scheduling system. We encountered a one-time server delay, but the leads didn't disappear and were delivered to the site. The speed of sending leads has been increased and now leads go to the affiliate program no more than 1.5 minutes, and the probability of a delay is minimized.