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We will securely store all your leads.

Simplify and speed up your work. Your time is your value. Try our Genuine Multitool for automating routine tasks. We're helping Media Buyers teams work effectively and well-organized.

  • Connecting any offers using APIs or URLs
  • Durable filtering of traffic from bots and unwanted GEOs
  • Built-in Grabber of landing pages, the Code Editor, and the Visual Editor
  • Detailed analytics and split-testing
  • Media Buyers teams supported
We will save all your leads.

Enjoy all the benefits of Multitool for free

With our Multitool, your data is completely safe

speed of response

We will save all your leads.

We will continuously re-send it to your Affiliate Network, till we will not be 100% sure that your leads were accepted.

100% availability.

We guarantee that the Multitool is always available. Due to the special distributed architecture, the system always works properly.

All your data is safe.

We guarantee that nobody will know about your links. Even us. All data is stored on your server. The Multitool does not have access to it.

Simple and logical interface. Easy and quick to get started.

Try it for free

Besides, you will always be supported.

Our friendly Support will hold your hand

Access to our Support telegram chat, we will answer right away if we are not sleeping) Together we will figure it out, answer questions and help with technical subtleties until everything works as it should.

Our database of technical guides and videos to help you learn how to work

Detailed guides and videos will help you quickly to set up any process, and pop-up hints in the system will help you not to miss important details.

User's chat will help you find a solution. No spam or mess..

Chat with colleagues, where you will always get useful advice. Experienced Media Buyers and our Support always will help you to find out the suitable answer.

All services necessary for work are in one window

Servers Installer

Working with offers in Affiliate Programs via API or links

Teamwork with different access levels

Cloud tracker with deep statistics and traffic splitting

Intelligent grabber of landing pages. Removal of malicious scripts and unwanted metrics

Automatic creation of domains, sub-domains, issuing SSLs

Durable filtering of traffic from bots and unwanted GEOs

Duplicated storage of leads, losses protection

Visual Site Builder and Code-Editor. Create landings and WPs in minutes!

API integration with main Affiliate Networks. Leads send/receive

Test all the features of the Multitool

Get free access to full functionality

Work with proven affiliate programs

The number of Affiliate Networks
is constantly growing.

We have a large database of reliable, proven Affiliate Networks. Feel free to choose the affiliate program that is right for you. Work with any number of networks simultaneously.

  • Integration with major Affiliate Networks using API or URL
  • Traffic control on your domain
  • Fraud control
  • Detailed lead info, retargeting
  • Tracking real lead statuses
  • Getting information about leads via postback

Don't have your favorite Affiliate Network? Let us know, we'll add it right away!

We'll easily automate your work with network resources

Install and configure servers, connect domains, create bunches of subdomains, issue SSL certificates in one click. Save yourself from the boring work.

Take full advantage of the Multitool →

  • Domain registration using Namecheap via API
  • Creation of Digital Ocean droplets
  • Connecting previously registered domains to Multitool
  • Choosing a suitable droplet configuration and location
  • Connecting your domains to Cloudflare
  • Automatic setting of A-records
  • End-to-end full SSL encryption

Create any landing pages without knowledge of the code

Create, edit, delete landing pages, pre-landing pages, white pages in a simple and convenient visual constructor. You no longer need designers, UX-designers, and programmers.

  • Use pre-landing pages when working on streaming offers (without API), such as dating, gambling, sweepstakes.
  • Install useful js-scripts (metrics, pixels, backfixes) on all landing pages, pre-landing pages and whitepages.
  • Choose the right pages from the extensive database of landing pages, pre-landing pages, white pages and thank you pages.
  • Design unique landing pages from a ready-to-use base templates.
  • Use the preview functionality and testing landing pages

Add working landing pages using our grabber

Using the intelligent grabber, download from the link or archive the landing pages, pre-landing pages, thank you pages you like.

  • Pages are automatically cleaned of malicious JS scripts and unwanted metrics.
  • The downloaded landing page can be edited in a visual editor easily, quickly, and without knowledge of the code.

Protect traffic from bots and non-targeted visitors

anti-fraud protection

An genious multi-stage filtering system with 100% accuracy will filter out unwanted traffic or send it to the whitepage.

  • Targetted GEO
  • Up-to-date databases of bots, moderators, proxy servers, VPN, spy services
  • JS-filtration

Customize and optimize your ad campaigns

СCreate advertising campaigns, automatically generate any number of links (pre-landing + landing + offer), conduct split testing, and work with the best options.

  • Setting up GEO and filters in Campaigns
  • Connecting an unlimited number of domains and servers in one campaign
  • Tracking performance dynamics and campaign statistics
  • Supporting FB-pixel, TikTok pixel and GTM
  • Tracking on user's servers
  • Creation of any number of nodes
  • Linking a node to a custom domain/subdomain
  • Independent server processing

Need more features or customizations? Let us know!

Track and analyze statistics in our cloud tracker

Analyze statistics, UTM tags, customize filters, choose the best set of ads, and earn more.

  • Deep detailed analytics
  • Unified detailed statistics through all your campaigns and nodes
  • 3-sliced statistics
  • Support for UTM tags and statistics on them
  • Setting weights for traffic distribution

We will add your favorite affiliate program or improve the functionality at your request

We are constantly improving and expanding the capabilities of the Multitool, we update the databases of landings and offers daily so that you spend your time looking for new ideas, and not on routine.

Need additional functionality? Don't have the settings you want? Didn't found your favorite affiliate program? Write to us, we'll consider.

The team that daily improves the multitool and helps you to understand it

Kirill Avakov,


СЕО, co-founder of

Since 2013 he has been engaged in entrepreneurial activities, founder and CEO of several businesses in medicine and IT.

In 2016, he founded an Affiliate Network, then a Media Buyers team, and in 2018 launched the project.

Alex Ekimchev


СТО, co-founder of

Since 2010 he has been engaged in web development. In 2013 he created a number of SaaS web services in the advertising industry and digital marketing. Since 2016 he has been working in an Affiliate Network and in the Media-Buyers team.

Since 2017 he has been developing Affiliate Marketing software. In 2018, he joined the project.

Marina Prokifieva


Head of Marketing at

Tuyana Janaeva


Head of finance at

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