cloud tracker

  • deep analytycs
  • common statistics
  • UTM support
  • detailed slice statistics
  • split-testing

Traffic filtration system

  • unwanted traffic protection
  • targeted GEO check
  • protection from bots
  • any traffiс sources supported

Caring for the protection and security of your data

  • safe leads storage with backup
  • all personal data is securely encrypted, accessible only to the user
  • no lead will be lost even with problems on the affiliate network side

Network recources

Domains management

  • automated domain registration using Namecheap
  • adding your previously registred domains to the service
  • automated SSL issuing

Servers management

  • supporting any type of dedicated servers, VPS/VDS
  • automatic server installation and configuration
  • Digital Ocean API support


  • automatic domain setup
  • automatic A-record setup
  • end-to-end SSL encryption support
  • single-click subdomain creation

Affiliate networks

  • Affiliate Networks API integrations
  • domain traffic control
  • shaving detection
  • full lead information and retargetting
  • tracking real lead statuses
  • automatic re-sending of a lead in case of errors on Affiliate Network side
  • pre-installed base of offers and landing pages
  • the ability to add your own landing pages and offers
  • supporting of any Affiliate Network
  • getting information about leads via postback

Landing Pages

  • pre-installed landing pages base
  • the ability to upload your own landing pages using a grabber tool
  • visual editor for landing pages and white pages
  • landings preview and testing

Ad campaigns

  • setting up GEOs and traffic filters
  • ulimited number of domains and servers in Ad Campaign
  • campaigns detailed statistics
  • measuring of Ad Campaign efficiency

User's nodes

  • ad campaign creation
  • unlimited number of bundles
  • unlimited number of nodes
  • binding a node to a user's domain or subdomain
  • supporting of FB-pixel and GTM
  • self-hosted tracking support
  • independednt server's tracking in realtime